Günther Förg


*1952 in Füssen, Germany
† 2013 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Worked with
Painting, sculpture, installation, photography, drawing and prints

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century Förg tracked the ebb and flow of art historical trends, took them, and quietly subverted the artistic status quo to striking effect. When Förg caught the bug for abstract expressionism for example he refused the spiritual claims to the style made by many of its American adherents and instead utilised its methodology to speak of paint and materiality.

On many of his canvases it feels as if Förg is testing out different colours, trying them out and enjoying how the brushstrokes sit next to each other. Yet Förg's work did not just play with the fashions of modern art: his photography work, in which he took carefully composed images of architectural details, entered into an equally smart-witted dialogue with design history.