Georg Baselitz


*1938 in Grossbaselitz, Germany
Lives in
Inning am Ammersee, Germany and Imperia, Italy
Works with
Painting, prints, drawing and sculpture

Georg Baselitz relocated to West Berlin in 1958 after having been expelled from art school in East Berlin for his "socio-political immaturity". A maverick spirit from the start, he joined Eugen Schönebeck in 1961 to issue the first of two "Pandämonium" manifestos rejecting contemporary tendencies in art and professing an adherence to a passionately expressive figurative painting.

He was one of the first to break with the predominant abstraction of the time and rebel against the smooth and beautiful in art. By fracturing and inverting the image, the motif diminishes in importance, culminating in the 1969 painting Der Wald auf dem Kopf (Forest on its Head), which launched Georg Baselitz on the international art scene.