Felice Varini


*1952 in Locarno, Switzerland
Lives in
Works with
Painting in architectural spaces and landscapes

"I am not an architect," says Felice Varini. Nor does he accept the title 'installation artist'. "I am a painter, and painting is my main concern." The confusion comes from the fact that while Varini undoubtedly paints; he avoids canvas in favour of vast op-art compositions on the façades, internal walls, furniture and fittings of buildings.

Varini paints abstract forms on multiple surfaces in a given space which, when viewed from a single vantage point, piece together to reveal a circle, triangle or multiples thereof. Take a step to the left, or a step to the right however and these complete shapes fragment again into their individually painted elements. There is no denying the spectacular nature of Varini's optical trickery, yet despite its playfulness, his work comes together as a serious investigation of aesthetic harmony and the friction between the flat surface and three-dimensional space in painting.