Elad Lassry


*1977 in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works with
Photography, sculpture and film

What is an image? What is an object? And what is photography?

These are the questions that come to mind in front of Elad Lassry's multifaceted work. The Israeli-born and US-based artist combines photographic works with sculpture, installation and sometimes even film in ever-new, almost dialectical arrangements. In elaborately staged exhibitions, Lassry attempts to analyse the seductive and suggestive power of the image as much as he is ready to intensify these effects when needed.

The artist uses found footage from advertising, the world of theatre or dance and often re-arranges and restages elements in almost surreal tableaux. Without addressing it directly, Lassry's practice is clearly set against the backdrop of the unprecedented availability of images online and digitisation's ability to level formerly substantial differences between objects and images. Accordingly, images here are treated as objects, and objects are put  under scrutiny for their representative qualities.