Do Ho Suh


*1962 in Seoul, Korea
Lives in
New York, London and Seoul
Works with
Sculpture, drawing and painting

Where is home? And what is it anyhow?

Most of us have lived in many homes and have stayed in many places. Being constantly on the move by now is easily more normal than spending your life in one place. Korean-born, New York, London and Seoul-based artist Do Ho Suh's sculptures, drawings and paintings speak of these questions in a quiet, yet very touching tone.

Suh is mainly known for his replicas of homes he used to dwell in, from his Korean childhood house to the many apartments around the US and Europe in which he stayed over the years. Elaborately and delicately made out of translucent, coloured fabric that is stretched over light metal frames, these constructions are quickly folded and easy to transport. Thus, Suh's sculptures not only represent questions of displacement, memory and identity, they are themselves very much designed to fit a mobile life. Ultimately, all these sculptures may bear the traces of Suh's individual history. However, the feelings they evoke – a distant memory, a faint idea – are shared by many.

Artworks by Do Ho Suh