Carissa Rodriguez


*1970 in New York, USA
Lives in
New York City
Works with
Sculpture and mixed media

Carissa Rodriguez practice is as varied as it can possibly be. Concerned with question of authorship, collaboration and a refusal of a formally coherent and recognisable style, the artist's work displays a unique sensibility of various contexts and roles. Rodriguez is concerned with "the corollary opposite of the signature object", to quote the artist herself.

Having studied English literature, Rodriguez made a "lateral entry" as an artist in the 1990s – only to then withdraw again to co-run the successful gallery Reena Spaulings Fine Arts. Being predominantly concerned with working as a gallerist for quite some years, Rodriguez made a comeback as an artist in her own right in the late 2000s.

Her own work is marked by an interest in the creation of value as well as in the holistic, and is structured by the unique perspective of someone who is seamlessly moving between genres and fields.