Anselm Reyle


*1970 in Tübingen, Germany
Lives in
Works with
Painting, sculpture and installation

Reyle belongs to an emerging generation of artists concerned with reevaluating Modernism by using the formal vocabulary of modern abstraction such as op art, monochromes and action painting. Yet he eschews his post-modern predecessors' self-conscious irony and instead employs painterly gestures, as if they were a ready-made vocabulary disassociated from its original context.

His play with the liberated language of Modernism questions its present-day applicability. Contrasts of fluorescent paint, metallic silver and glitter evoke disco glamour as a marker for current culture and its subcultures while maintaining Modernism's formal vocabulary. His use of this seemingly obsolete language with unlikely referential colour schemes upsets the balance of purity and clarity to deliberately disconcerting effect.