[Kugel-02-2013] by Shirana Shahbazi


Shirana Shahbazi



C-print on aluminium
Edition 4 of 5 +1 AP


150 x 120 cm


As with all of Shirana Shahbazi's works, analogue photography is her artistic medium of choice. Her representations have a genuine topography that develops as a depiction of physical bodies. Two black spheres on a black surface are distinguishable only by a ray of light that makes them rise from the image. Shahbazi arranges plain polyhedrons and surfaces in such a way as not to deceive but to play with the viewer's perspective. Despite – or perhaps thanks to – the sharp contours in her photographs, one is compelled to consider that if there is in fact no juxtaposition but rather a synergy and that the transition between elements may more closely resemble a border.