Untitled by Ulrich Rückriem


Ulrich Rückriem



Mural relief, Blue de Vire granite


240 x 180 x 30 cm


Ulrich Rückriem was a stone mason apprentice and later a journeyman at the Cologne Cathedral workshop. It is clear that his early dedication to the art of working with stone influenced his practice as an artist, reflected in this piece made in Blue de Vire granite.

After coming into contact with such artists as Carl Andre and Richard Long, his sculpture dramatically shifted from his stone sculpted portraits to pared down blocks of stone − both irregularly shaped and geometric, such as this one. In these works he would use his learned skills to split, splice, cut, saw, smooth and polish the stone; the result of which, as he insists, reflect the physical signs of its making.

It is important to him also that the individual pieces are broken down and then reconstructed from the original block. Despite its sculptural quality Untitled also reflects a sense of the natural and the monumental.

Zurich, Rüschlikon

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