Series, Untitled by Emanuel Rossetti


Emanuel Rossetti



Set of 10 Epson DuraBrite prints mounted on aluminium


120 x 84 cm, each


The body of work consists of a series of digitally generated prints which feature torus-shaped renderings, whose patterns stem from digital photographs of different stone surfaces: a bistro table in the famous historic Café Odeon, the marble floor in Zurich's main station, a wall from the Mies van der Rohe Pavillion in Barcelona, or footage found on the web.

These textures are rendered into the geometrical form of the torus − a form which is used by the artist as a readymade. Thus Rossetti displays the ephemerality of contemporary aesthetics inspired by the look of Hollywood blockbusters, advertising and branding. At the same time the digitally altered or "fake" marble contextualises the material traditionally used for art and monumental architecture into the present of a throw-away society.

Zurich, Adliswil; Zurich, Escherhaus

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