Selbstportrait aus der Serie der Blumenbilder by Urs Lüthi


Urs Lüthi



Acrylic on canvas


200 x 150 cm


Selbstportrait aus der Serie der Blumenbilder (Self-Portrait from the Series of Flower Pictures) is an example of Lüthi's intense exploration of painting in the 1980s, consisting almost entirely of works produced in series. It is from one of the series of self-portraits from that period and a variation on his photographic self-portraiture begun in the previous decade.

While always solipsistic, writes an reviewer and essayist, self-portraits refer "to something general and this is exactly how Lüthi himself has always interpreted his own role as a self-portraitist. It is this intuitive reciprocity between individual and universal that Lüthi addresses in his self-portraits."