Klitschko by Andreas Gursky


Andreas Gursky





207 x 261 cm


A frequent subject of Andreas Gurksy's large-format colour photographs are panoramic crowd scenes taken from high above, as with this image of a boxing match. The even depth of focus yields extraordinarily sharp detail down to the individual spectators, yet as a curator at the Kunsthaus Bregenz writes: "In these works people appear mainly in a mass, as parts of a larger spatial system or social fabric of their own creation. At the same time they are elements of an optical structure which determines the image."

This is also an example of the digital editing techniques Gursky has used in recent years. The overly clear images on the overhead screen – showing the commentators in the broadcasting booth and a close-up of the scene in the ring – were digitally superimposed by the artist.


Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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