Orologio III by Valentin Carron


Valentin Carron



Styrofoam, gauze, glue, plaster, clock mechanism, aluminium, acrylic paint


260 x 210 x 20 cm


Not untypically for the artist there is something of a visual pun involved in this work. That is not to say there is anything flippant to the wall sculpture. Instead Carron engages the mind with a series of double meanings and visual misunderstandings. Orologio III is simultaneously a painting and a clock, the working mechanism moving the hands across the sea blue plain of paint. If the purpose of painting has been traditionally to capture a moment, and the role of a clock documents the passing of time, then this work nonetheless fulfils both these contradictory tasks with aplomb. Alongside the wry humour however there is also a visceral melancholia as we are invited to watch time passing.

Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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