Untitled (mental map: to the stadium) by Franz Ackermann


Franz Ackermann



Set of 10 mixed media on paper, 3 shown here


13 x 19 cm, each


Title of works shown here:

-untitled (mental map: to the stadium), 1997

-untitled (mental map: soon finished), 1997

-untitled (mental map: my house and my garden), 1995

Franz Ackermann started to work on his so-called “mental maps” during an extended stay in Hong Kong in the early 1990s. He only works on these drawings, watercolours or collages when travelling. In these small-scaled works, Ackermann traces his surroundings and mixes the actual and concrete features of a place – the streets, the architecture, the environment – with a highly subjective view of the world. His large scale paintings, on the contrary, are directly linked to the isolated situation of the studio – a place where the artist can take a step back from the chaos of the world to arrange figurative elements, collected photographic images or graphical elements into large tableaux of memory.


Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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