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Dear viewer,

This provides some background and guidance intended to help making the most of your viewing experience. The four recordings relate to a global virtual Covid-19 event that took place on Nov. 10, 2020. The event lasted 4h solid. For ease of viewing the recording has been split into four blocks lasting ca 1h each and according to the structure of the event (pls. see below for more colour).

All submitted slides (though not all of them where presented, given time restrictions) are available with a detailed schedule for download here:

By watching the event recordings you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Covid-19 problem in most of its facets as we could and by the time when the event took place.
A. The idea to initiate and execute a global Covid-19 event was borne from the work originally initiated by Swiss Re in collaboration with Palantir when, back in March, the true dimension on the Covid-19 calamity became apparent. Back then, we started creating an easily accessible data platform that would meaningfully integrate all relevant publicly available data, refresh the data consistently as new information becomes available, all while preserving the history. We soon started to collaborate with leading academic institutions and data providers to enrich what we had with models and proprietary datasets.

We did all this in the spirit of what we called the "Republic of Science" Covid-19 response. More specifically, we began creating a space where people collaborate and share data, models, and insights in a fenceless way and with a common goal in mind. This is an ongoing journey.

As we were progressing, we realized the need to create an occasion by which all who have contributed could come together and present their insights and results with the objective to inspire and synchronize. In the midst of planning such an event, we came to realize that the content would be relevant to a wider audience, and so we opened it.

The event has been an occasion for scientists and other experts to share their knowledge. In this spirit, please do not expect a polished event full of "ultimate truths." This is an event where scientists and other experts came together to share knowledge, and to inspire each other in a candid manner.

B. The event has been fast-paced and dense. It consisted of 38 sharp and concise presentations and 4 panel discussions. Most of this context is new and has been presented at the event for the first time. The event was structured it into four blocks:

  • The first block covered what is available in terms of knowledge and data
  • The second block featured the insights that have been won
  • The third block explored the attitudinal and behavioural obstacles that stand in the way of containing the virus
  • The fourth and final block featured visions on how such calamities may be averted/ better managed in future by proactively leveraging data and knowledge

At the end of each block a panel discussion among four leading world experts provided real time critical feedback to the interventions.

Trust the above is helpful in providing the necessary context, as well as in setting proper expectations.


Dr. Luca Marighetti – Managing Director- Swiss Re