Privacy management to drive outcomes from data aggregation

Pryv is a Swiss company which provides data and privacy management solutions for companies and organisations managing sensitive and personal data and affected by privacy regulations.

Leveraging on transparent digital privacy management, Pryv solution is positioned as a middleware to ensure availability and usage of personal data, the compliant way.

Rather like a bank acts as a middle-man between counter-payees, Pryv is used by businesses as a layer to apply custodial rights and provide selective access to data while building trust with the individuals. Just as individuals can see their bank accounts with confidence and assurance, so they also want to see their data, who is accessing it, why, and with what consent.

As an example of its middleware application in digital health projects and modern insurance risk modelling, Pryv can demonstrate how sensitive personal data can be requested, accessed and used - respecting complex privacy and industry regulations through the showcase of three consenting customers. These individuals were tracked for activity and nutrition. Nutrition and exercise data can be used to measure a number of risk-related conditions. However, obtaining and tracking such data is not always easy. Whilst levels of physical activity, running, walking or cycling can be measured through a tracker, nutrition reporting nowadays relies often on self-reporting of what the individual has eaten, and such data is not always of the highest quality.

This data can, therefore, be enhanced through other datasets to bring context, enrich value and outcomes for individuals while improving risk-profiling processes for businesses. For example, wearing a GEO location device provides information on any individuals entering fast-food retailers without recording it in their official log. GEO location data can further be combined and enhanced by what is known about air pollution in any given place, and how this might affect health. Another tell tale marker left by GEO data is any stops outside for 10 minutes on a regular basis. There is a high likelihood that this indicates a smoker.

Gaining this level of information while being compliant with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the E-Privacy EU directive is not always straight forward. Pryv makes this easy by providing its customers with a novel data-model and privacy-by-design software layer for granular consent management so they can further provide their own consumers with sufficient assurance that they will use no more data than necessary. Thus, the companies are assured that they will have a compliant access to data and do not have to worry how the data is being collected, structured and stored. Such a proper alignment of design assignment allows companies to build a better relationship with their customers, a greater ability to evaluate their risk, and to build more personalised services.

Summary of Pierre-Mikael Legris and Evelina Georgieva's presentation at the Centre's Health monitoring event in December 2017. Pierre-Mikael is CEO of Pryv SA and Evelina is Chief Business Development Officer of Pryv. Summary by Simon Woodward.



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