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Agenda and recording of episode 1


Tuesday, 13 October 2020


Baroness Ros Altmann, Economist and pensions, investment and retirement policy expert
Hu Yuwei, Department Head of International Finance, China Institute of Finance and Capital Markets (CSRC)

We must fund larger elderly populations. While European countries rely heavily on their pension systems, Chinese citizens rely mostly on investments and family support. Both systems face enormous challenges as the dependency ratio deteriorates.

How are European and Chinese pension systems different? What are the key challenges they face? And which reforms are being undertaken to address them?

In episode 1 of "The Ageing Effect", we were joined by Ros Altmann, member of the British House of Lords and leading authority on later life issues; and Hu Yuwei of the China Institute of Finance and Capital Markets, whose research focuses on social protection and ageing finance.

“The Ageing Effect” is a four-part series by Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland exploring the effects of demographic change on Asia and the World. 

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This is the profile pricture of Hu Yuwei.

Hu Yuwei

Department Head of International Finance

China Institute of Finance and Capital Market


The Ageing Effect

In a four-part series, Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland explored the effects of ageing on Asia and the world and asked what we can do to address them.