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Agenda and recording of episode 2


Tuesday, 20 October 2020


Naveen Menon, President, ASEAN, Cisco Systems
Thomas Birwe, Head HR Switzerland, Swiss Re

Longer lives and increased technological change have a profound effect on people’s career paths. The jobs we train for when we’re young might not even exist anymore by the time we retire. To ensure economic well-being, companies and governments have to invest into training and “reskilling” for employees.

Which jobs and skills are becoming obsolete, and which ones are more sought after? How are countries and companies in Europe and Asia responding to the challenge? Which policies have worked – and which haven’t?

In episode 2 of "The Ageing Effect", we were joined by Naveen Menon, President, ASEAN, Cisco Systems, and Thomas Birwe, Head HR Switzerland at Swiss Re.

“The Ageing Effect” is a four-part series by Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland exploring the effects of demographic change on Asia and the World.


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The Ageing Effect

In a four-part series, Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland explored the effects of ageing on Asia and the world and asked what we can do to address them.