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Agenda of episode 4


Tuesday, 3 November 2020


12.30-13.30 CET / Zurich (UTC+1)
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Yumiko Murakami, Head of OECD Tokyo Centre
Jeffrey Bohn, Chief Research Officer, Swiss Re Institute

For decades, Japan has experienced low growth, low inflation, and low interest rates, largely driven by an ageing population – a phenomenon termed “Japanification”. While faster growth has remained elusive despite heavy stimuli, Japan has made headway in terms of labour productivity and technical innovation. The Japanese experience holds important lessons for other countries and regions – Europe first among them.

What has led to the effects of Japanification? How has Japan addressed the challenge so far? And what can Europe and Switzerland learn from the experience?

In the final episode, a hybrid event, Yumiko Murakami, Head of the OECD Tokyo Centre, will join remotely for a conversation with Jeffrey Bohn, Chief Research Officer of the Swiss Re Institute. 

“The Ageing Effect” is a four-part series by Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland exploring the effects of demographic change on Asia and the World. 

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The Ageing Effect

In a four-part series, Swiss Re Institute and Asia Society Switzerland will explore the effects of ageing on Asia and the world and ask what we can do to address them. The first three episodes will take place online; the final episode will be a hybrid event taking place at the Swiss Re Auditorium in Zurich as well as online.