Climate risk: how can we be more resilient?

As Earth's warming trend accelerates, the number of communities grappling with the damaging effects of climate change is increasing. The time to act is now.

The risks from climate change are becoming visible. Wildfires, storms, floods and weather extremes are exacerbated by the warming planet and putting more people and assets in harm's way. That's because we live, build and work in the areas most at risk: cities and towns along the coast, near rivers, forests or wildland.

Climate change could also become a permanent drag on our economy. If we don't mitigate the risks and drastically reduce carbon emissions with a goal of net zero, the global economy will likely be smaller by mid-century after large income and productivity losses.

The stakes are high and rising rapidly. But we can still turn things around if we act now, act boldly and act together – across industries and as public and private partners.

What will it take to reach net zero and strengthen our climate resilience?

Find out with our latest risk insights and solutions.​

The insurance rationale for carbon removal solutions

To limit global warming to 2015 Paris Accord levels, the world's net emissions of greenhouse gases need to drop to zero by 2050.

The economics of climate change

Climate change poses the biggest long-term risk to the global economy. No action is not an option.

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Secondary perils in the spotlight, but don't forget about primary-peril risks.
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Regional information What do Australian bushfires, US thunderstorms and monsoon floods in China have in common?

These local events are all part of the same global story. As urban populations grow and our climate continues to change, weather-related disasters are severely impacting our communities.

Find out how climate risk affects your region and how to mitigate it.


Asia Pacific

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Solutions Reinsurance clients

As a Reinsurance client, we partner with you to develop data-driven, tech-enabled risk transfer solutions that will protect your customers and help you succeed in a rapidly changing market.

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    Taking flood risk assessment to the next level​


    A parametric insurance solution that provides financial flexibility for companies exposed to named windstorms (i.e. hurricanes) in North America and the Caribbean. ​



    An innovative, rapid-payout insurance product that gives financial flexibility in dealing with hardships in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake.​

  • FLOW

    A parametric insurance product that provides coverage for floods, droughts and other water-level events to companies exposed to rivers’ high or low water levels in Europe. ​


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Our insights, data and analytics help to understand and accurately assess natural catastrophe and climate risk.
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