Climate risk in North and South America

How can we be more resilient?

The Americas is a region of diverse climates and exposures. It’s a region of complex and concentrated development, of varying socioeconomic conditions and a staggering range of extreme weather events – from winter storms to wildfires to hurricanes. Climate change is making these weather-related disasters more likely and more severe, which is exacerbating losses.

Whether you're in Canada, the US or in Latin America, knowing your risk exposure is key. Understanding extreme weather events and the science behind them is the first step toward mitigating the impact of natural catastrophes and closing the protection gap.

As the losses from natural catastrophes continue to rise, it's more important than ever to have a trusted partner by your side. Discover how we can help you tap new markets or improve the performance of your existing portfolio by applying our expertise and solutions. Together, let's make the world more resilient.

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Global insight ​Climate risk - how can we be more resilient?

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