Climate risk in Asia-Pacific: how can we be more resilient?

Asia Pacific bears the brunt of more natural disasters than anywhere else in the world. As the effects of climate change become evident, the cost of inaction would be even higher.

The effects of climate change are increasingly evident through warmer average temperatures and more extreme weather. As APAC economies develop at a breath-taking speed and more assets are accumulated in exposed areas, the stakes are even higher.

Climate change is set to inflict heavy costs on economies around the world, and inaction is not an option. The APAC region, emerging markets in particular, will have most to gain if the world is able to rein in temperature gains. By meeting the Paris Agreements target, economies in the region could prevent substantial income and productivity losses that may otherwise suffer.

The year 2021 marks 10 years since several devastating natural catastrophes hit the APAC region. As we look back at the lessons learnt, it's also imperative that the re/insurance industry looks ahead to assess climate risk and strengthen our resilience in the region.

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