Lisa Ellman, Hogan Lovells: Drone policy is similar for insurers and governments

Lisa Ellman, Partner and Co-Chair, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Group, Hogan Lovells gave a presentation on "Drones law and regulation" at the 'Insurance in the age of drones' conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought drone experts, drone racers, regulators, lawyers, and a hacker together with Swiss Re clients, to examine how drone technology will impact casualty and aviation insurance in the near and long term.

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Read a text version of Lisa Ellman's video interview here:

"I worked in the White House on emerging technologies in the United States as well as at the Department of Justice where I helped craft drone policy in the United States.

I come at this as someone, now working in the private sector, I have lots of clients in this space, and see the true potential for drones, but also recognizing there are policy and regulatory issues surrounding integration of drones into our national airspace. What does it mean to have drones flying under manned helicopters and airplanes and above people and structures? How do we make all of that happen because it's definitely happening. This is really exciting.

It's great to be here with this community of people all excited about the use of commercial drones, all learning about the use of drones, coming at it both from the use case as well as insurers learning how to craft policy around drones. It's really great for me to be here with all of these folks to think about these issues critically.

I think insurance companies are very similarly placed to governments in terms of thinking about crafting policies around insurance for their customers. They're thinking about all of the same policy and regulatory issues that governments are, and it's great to be here talking about all of those things."