Empowering Africa

Electricity from renewable energy sources can ease the power gap and transform the power generation sector in Africa to support strong, sustainable economic development across the continent.

Now more cost competitive, renewable energy technologies (RETs) facilitate the development of new business models in the economy.

But large investments are needed. Over the next 20 years, we estimate the sector will need investments in the range of USD 250 billion to USD 1 trillion, which will partially come from the private initiative in partnership with government institutions.

Insurers can play an important role in de-risking related investments and enhancing project  viability, thereby encouraging more private sector involvement. This new risk pool could represent a sum of up to USD 16 billion in insurance premium opportunity by 2040.

To read more or to obtain a copy of  our latest study, please contact Lukas Müller. The study is available in English and French.


Expertise Publication Renewable energy: new power for Africa’s economy and insurance markets

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