Long-term thinking is the key to future growth

Ten years after the start of the financial crisis, the global economy is not prepared for another – that was the view of policy makers at the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which took place in Bali last month.

Joining the talks were Swiss Re's Chairperson Global Partnership, Veronica Scotti, and Group Chief Economist, Jérôme Jean Haegeli, sharing their expertise on private sector interests in the debates.

The meetings give a valuable insight into the current concerns of policy makers, bringing together prominent figures from the worlds of finance, government and academia to discuss global issues related to climate change, poverty, aid development and growth, and financial security.

Economic flexibility?

Global economic resilience remains high on the agenda. However, as Jérôme explains in the following video, central banks may be the only option on the table today and this may not allow much economic flexibility in the event of another financial crisis. Click below to watch below.

Infrastructure vital for resilience

Future growth was the topic for Veronica, who addressed the Global Infrastructure Forum of the Asian Development Bank, suggesting a gap in infrastructure investment is a factor constraining growth. Learn more from her in the following video where she discusses the potential advantage for insurers in enabling investment opportunities through risk profiling. Click the image to watch below.