Kelvyn Young: Wearables are increasingly targeted at seniors

Kelvyn Young, Health Director at Swiss Re, attended the Swiss Re Institute's NGIC 2017: Solutions for an ageing society conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

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"Wearables will play a role in finding solutions for an ageing society. When we talk about wearables, it is not just the Fitbits and the Garmins, but it is also anything on your person, such as an app, for example. We are seeing lots of things now in development of app technology to things like diabetes, obesity, cardio vascular risks, so absolutely, yes, we will definitely be seeing further developments and solutions in wearable technology for an aging society.

So from an insurance industry perspective, this will help detect disease earlier, it would help impact on mortality and morbidity. Fundamentally, it will lower the claims costs for an insuring society, and also help from an engagement perspective for that consumer who is undertaking that proposition.

It has been a fascinating event. Many of the vendors that we're working with are here, it's a great opportunity for them to talk, and interact with some of our insurance clients, and find solutions. Just the breadth of the topics that we've covered for the two days have been absolutely fabulous."