Patrick Thévoz, Flyability: Our drone inspects areas too dangerous for people

Patrick Thévoz, Co-Founder and CEO of drone company Flyability presented the drone at the 'Insurance in the age of drones' conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought drone experts, drone racers, regulators, lawyers, and a hacker together with Swiss Re clients, to examine how drone technology will impact casualty and aviation insurance in the near and long term.

Find out more about the event here.

Read the text version of Patrick Thévoz's video interview below:

"What we did is built basically the first collision tolerant flying robot. It's a UAV, or a drone, made for accessing places which are completely inaccessible and unreachable with any other technology. Basically when a collision occurs you have this protective cage around it which can rotate freely around the robots, making the inside always remain stable whatever happens. This enables us to go in places like inside power plants, inside piping, inside chimneys. We even inspect the inside of glacier crevices with this machine. With the lighting system that you have on the drone in addition to the thermal camera, and optical camera, you can gather images that you could not have gathered as quickly and as safely before.

The insurance industry and the drone industry are very complimentary. We work with each other on different type of topics. For example we are operating in very critical places and need insurance for our own drones, but we can also help insurance companies. We are working with insurance companies to be able to perform post-disaster inspections, for example in places that would be too dangerous otherwise."