Oliver Evans, Matternet: Drone delivery can save lives in hard to reach areas

Oliver Evans, Head of Global Business Development, Matternet, spoke on parcel delivery as a business case at the 'Insurance in the age of drones' conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought drone experts, drone racers, regulators, lawyers, and a hacker together with Swiss Re clients, to examine how drone technology will impact casualty and aviation insurance in the near and long term.

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Read the text version of Oliver Evans' video interview below:

"Today sadly there are millions of people who lose their lives because of a lack of access to fast reliable diagnostics, medicine. They die of curable diseases and this is simply because there is a lack of ground infrastructure that is appropriate for transportation. With drone technology we can ensure fast, reliable, cost-effective reach to those people in order to support the diagnostics companies, and to deliver the pharmaceuticals that they need for their health.

Industry is planning operations with meticulous care, regulators are preparing the framework which needs to be set to ensure those operations are safe, and minimize risk, but there will always be residual risk with any technology, with any industry. That is where the insurance industry can help us and step in.

What I like about this type of event is that it brings together experts from all kinds of different fields, different applications of drone technology, the regulators, industry. Through that dialogue we are helping to foster the spread of an understanding of how drones can help to transform our lives, improve our lives, and that is a common purpose that we all have."