Everion and Augment: A window to my health

The average person will spend 99.8% of their life outside the walls of a hospital and the care of a physician. Your doctor is limited to understanding and managing your health, armed with only irregular and tiny snippets of information and lacking context.

Biovotion wants to change that. It would like to bring a much more complete picture of health to clinical assessment. This is particularly relevant to clinicians, who are confronted every day by new research, new conditions, and new pharmaceuticals. No other industry has so many production lines as human health. This is why Real World Evidence (RWE) is becoming such a powerful force within health. RWE provides decision relevant data from home, from work, from exercise, from life – and not just from clinical tests. This can go down to the micro level. Walk a small distance instead of take the car, and it is proven to improve your mortality. Just the act of standing up from your desk accelerates your heart rate and has an impact on health outcomes. All this is measurable and importantly actionable in the context of RWE.

RWE is a challenge for Biovotion on two levels. Firstly, the data needs to be motion tolerant. Secondly, data must be high resolution and packaged in a form factor that is fit for for long-term use. The Biovotion device Everion sits on the upper arm and wirelessly transmits 22 parameters, including a suite of lifestyle specific health scores. Numerous studies have attested its comfort, ease of use, ruggedness and subsequent high compliance rates including field testing in a NATO military study soon to be published.

Having a wearable alone is not enough. It needs to connect to an ecosystem. With the volume of data it can generate, the ecosystem is moving towards a medical internet of things platform. This requires a high level of data privacy, and is compliant with a number of international regulations. The ecosystem allows for the creation of codified expert knowledge, forms the basis for machine learning, and is open to third party development. With more than 10 billion contextualised and RWE data points, Biovotion is uniquely placed to rapidly develop the analytics engine that will unlock unique insights related to health outcomes.

In addition to offering monitoring capability for large populations, Biovotion can drill down into individual profiles.  At this level it is possible to monitor the incredible variety in the challenges of modern life and identify the associated unique characteristics of human physiology – from the very sporty, to those working long hours, those with families, those with weight issues, those with identified health problems, across ages and genders.

4 types of health action influence health state

There are four actionable behaviours scientifically proven to be relevant for all: Movement, relaxation, exercise and sleep. The soon to be released Augment app will leverage the medical device DNA and data quality obsession of Biovotion to deliver these foundational lifestyle insights to improve health. Biovotion is committed to empowering individuals to take greater control of their health with a user centric approach to monitoring each and every moment in life, not just the occasional visit to the doctors surgery.

Summary of Andreas Caduff's presentation at the Centre's Health monitoring event in December 2017. Andreas is CEO and Founder of Biovotion. Summary by Simon Woodward.