Tomorrow's timber

A building material revolution
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Date 05 Oct 2021
In partnership with ETH Zurich


Daniel Martin Eckhart, Swiss Re Institute Advocate, not only reports on the key take-aways from the event, but also shares his experience to be finally back again at the Centre for Global Dialogue - in person! Together with the other participants present physically, he really enjoyed the riches of face-to-face interactions far beyond the conference topics.

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About the event

Today, the construction and operation of our buildings account for about 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The goals of building intelligently while lowering emissions are two challenges that are becoming increasingly vital in addressing the demand and needs in contemporary construction. One path to achieving these goals is a strong re-emergence of a building material that has been in use for thousands of years: timber.

While most conventional construction materials emit significant carbon in their production, trees instead absorb and then sequester carbon throughout their useful lifetime. With advances in timber processing and the development of engineered "mass timber", wood as a building material is increasingly favourable for its cost profile, industrialisation potential, structural flexibility as well as its aesthetic and wellbeing quality, and perhaps most surprisingly, its fire resistance. From ever taller towers to cathedrals and Olympic stadiums, the boundaries for what's possible with timber construction are being constantly redrawn.

New design techniques, innovative technologies, improved data and understanding of how timber structures perform are all accelerating expanded use of both solid and engineered timber in architectural construction. This interdisciplinary dialogue connected speakers from academia, the construction and insurance industry to provide differentiated stances regarding the future challenges and opportunities of timber and its use in construction.


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Time Local time zone is CEST Topic Speakers Presentations
08:30-09:00 Welcome breakfast for in-person guests
Start virtual event
09:00-09:05 Welcome and introduction
09:05-09:20 Robotic fabrication of timber assemblies Download her presentation
09:20-09:35 Complex timber fabrication Download his presentation
09:35-09:45 Break
09:45-09:50 Introduction
09:50-10:05 How can wood help to build a sustainable future? Download his presentation
10:05-10:20 Lessons learned and future trends in timber construction Download his presentation
10:20-10:35 Timber and construction: Trends, opportunities and risks Download his presentation
10:35-11:00 Plenary discussion with all speakers
End virtual event
11:00-11:30 Optional programme for in-person guests: Guided tour of ETH's 3D-printed glass pavilion in the park
11:30-12:30 Farewell lunch for in-person guests


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