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About the event

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—a shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet and build a prosperous and peaceful world—are gaining global momentum. While progress is being made in many places, action to meet the SDGs—including the aims of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the forthcoming Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework—is not yet advancing at the speed or scale required. 2020 ushers in the UN’s Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs by 2030. As such, we need to accelerate solutions to major sustainability challenges—ranging from climate change and ecosystem degradation, to poverty, inequality and closing the protection gap.

In this context, the PSI and Swiss Re are co-hosting this international event to advance sustainability leadership in insurance. While the insurance industry plays a key role in promoting sustainability as risk managers, insurers and investors, this event will be dedicated to insurance and all its dimensions. 

This high-level conference seeks to catalyse an ambitious, collaborative and actionable global sustainability agenda on insurance, and how insurance solutions can strengthen the industry’s contribution to economic, social and environmental sustainability—in other words, sustainable development. 

This global sustainability agenda includes harnessing insurance products and solutions for the SDGs, shaping the evolution of sustainability risk frameworks to better manage environmental, social and governance risks in the insurance business, and decarbonising insurance and reinsurance portfolios. The event will build on existing PSI work and provide an excellent platform for dialogue between senior representatives from the insurance industry, the UN and key stakeholders. 

Global dialogue and collaborative action to tackle global sustainability challenges is vital and urgent. In this regard, we are deeply concerned with the coronavirus pandemic and the human tragedy surrounding it. Given the COVID-19 situation, as well as to reduce the environmental footprint of the event, participants join virtually.