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About the event

In this half-day conference, we will ask how tax policy can be used to channel investment into sustainable technologies, how taxation can be used to capture and discourage harmful external costs, and how the use of taxes can encourage all of us to accept our responsibility in sustainable development. We will further consider the appetite of electorates for green taxes, the use of revenues sourced from green taxes, and non-tax market regulation.

Insurers are highly aware of the costs and risks involved in climate change and environmental damage. The use of ecological criteria in our underwriting and investment is already well established. Join us to discuss the role of taxes in the policy mix of guiding us towards a sustainable future. 


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Article Mitigating climate risk

The effects of climate change and global warming are already evident and shaking up our risk landscape: warmer average temperatures, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, longer and more frequent heatwaves, erratic rainfall patterns and more weather extremes. A most urgent question we need to ask is not only how to tackle climate change, but also how we can best adapt to a changing climate and avert the most damaging consequences – in short, how to mitigate climate risk.



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