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Line of Business: Property & Casualty
Level: Introductory
Date: 23 – 27 Mar 2020
Duration: 5 days
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Target group

This programme is for re/insurance professionals who deal with the Property & Casualty reinsurance business.


Participants must be fluent in English and have a basic understanding of insurance principles, including insurable interest, utmost good faith, indemnity, contract law and insurance law, but little or no knowledge of reinsurance.


  • Introduction to reinsurance: functions and nature of reinsurance, its services and products
  • Traditional reinsurance treaties
  • Structuring reinsurance programmes
  • Pricing models: fundamentals of reinsurance pricing approaches
  • Structured reinsurance solutions

Contact information

If you are interested in our Client Programmes, please reach out to your respective client manager.

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