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Mischa Repmann Senior Environmental Mgmt Specialist

Mischa is a senior sustainability professional in Swiss Re's internal environmental management team. He leads Swiss Re's CO2NetZero Programme with its cornerstone, the triple-digit Carbon Steering Levy, oversees the sourcing of 100% impactful green power, and drives business development in the emerging carbon removal space (e.g. the net-zero explainer video).

Mischa is a board member of the Zurich Carbon Market Association, member of the RE100 Initiative's advisory committee, and member of Science Based Targets Initiative's Expert Advisory Group for a global standard on corporate net-zero targets.

Before joining Swiss Re in 2018, he held positions in climate consulting, including for UNDP on de-risking renewable energy investments, and in academia. He has an MSc in environmental physics and a PhD in process engineering, both from ETH Zurich, where he is a guest lecturer on carbon removal to this day.

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