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Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Time 10.00 – 11.00 CEST / Zurich (UTC+2)


Dr. Peter Staar, Manager Scalable Knowledge Ingestion, IBM Research
Dr. Ulrich Schimpel, Federal CTO, IBM Switzerland
Dr. Karin Vey, Executive Innovation Consultant, Think Lab, IBM Research

Moderated by Florian Inhauser, Journalist and Moderator, Swiss Broadcasting Corporation

In the past few months we have collectively learned how super fragile our world is. Our communities and organizations have rarely been more challenged navigating through this crisis, the real impacts of which no one can predict right now. How do we face this pandemic? How do we make decisions for the future and act with assurance in this uncertainty?

Peter Staar, Manager Scalable Knowledge Ingestion at IBM Research - Zurich, will explain how leveraging AI enables to extract critical knowledge about COVID-19 from all available scientific publications. He will we show how innovation can be accelerated tremendously.

Ulrich Schimpel, Federal CTO at IBM Switzerland, discusses strategies how organizations can make the most of digital technologies to increase operational resilience and flexibility. The current crisis is a critical turning point for digital transformation, as many companies need to drive adoption not because they can but because they must to survive.

Karin Vey, Psychologist and Executive Innovation Consultant, Think Lab IBM Research, focuses on resilience as a key leadership competency in uncertain times. Resilience is the ability to handle challenges, recover from setbacks, bounce back smarter and stronger, thrive in the face of stressors and maintain performance


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