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About the event

Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (Oasis LMF) provides an open source platform that eases the exchange of catastrophe models. This allows the insurance industry to access models from new model providers, thus increasing the diversity of models and risk views to choose from. Today, the Oasis framework is widely used for probabilistic natural catastrophe modelling and provides a cost-efficient and transparent alternative to traditional model vendor solutions.

At the 5th annual Oasis Conference, hosted by Swiss Re Institute's Cat Perils experts, participants will learn about the latest developments, with the opportunity to exchange and discuss with model providers and natural catastrophe modelling teams from around the world on topics such as market standards, technology and performance, GEM models, financial modelling and a range of present and future challenges, with climate change high on the list. Oasis and Swiss Re Institute experts will be joined, among others, by speakers from Hannover Re, Zurich, SCOR, Partner Re, Guy Carpenter, Risk Frontiers, PERILS and JBA.

In the words of Oasis CEO Dickie Whitaker: "Oasis brings together the three key elements: open source software, a marketplace of models and a community. Taken together, they give the insurance industry and its R&D partners the means to stay on top of latest developments in risk modelling and tackle the challenges we all face."


Daniel Eckhart

Senior Writer & Outreach Expert

Swiss Re Institute

I joined Swiss Re over twenty years ago - it is a very special company that has long become family to me. With its people and its powerful purpose of making the world more resilient, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. All the more so in my new role as Advocate for the Swiss Re Institute, a place where we bring together the experts from around the world for the future-driven thinking we need to make our world better, safer and more sustainable for coming generations.