Connected Cars: Using data to drive insurance insights

Cars which are both equipped with new safety equipment and capabilities to transmit data provide a unique customer experience while simultaneously delivering new insights to mobility companies, including OEMs, suppliers, dealers, insurers, fleets, tech players, and beyond.
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Date 01 Nov 2021
Location: Online

About the event

As we see more and more vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the impact on road safety is apparent with its beneficial effects becoming more statistically relevant and tangible. However, understanding this impact is complex and a deep knowledge of the equipment itself is crucial.

When coupled with the capability of a vehicle to transmit data about the way it is being driven, including contextual information about its environment, there presents a wealth of potential data for actuaries and underwriters. Such data could be leveraged to gain a much better understanding of the risk, both at population and at individual levels and a quick, convenient means of settling claims. As a result, additional knowledge related to driver, vehicle and context can unveil opportunities for our clients even beyond traditional insurance purposes, be they individual drivers, fleet owners, commercial deliverers, logistic providers, and even traffic planners and urban designers.

At the Swiss Re Institute Connected Cars webinar, we will discuss with a leading car manufacturer and a tech provider progress being made within the fields of dynamic data availability and usage.


Why should you participate?

  • Hear what car data attributes are currently being generated and what additional data and insight will be added in the future.
  • Learn about Swiss Re's efforts towards autonomous mobility and how we leverage data from connected cars.


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