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Chronic conditions are increasing across the world, not least in China. With a quickly ageing population and a switch to post-industrial lifestyles, incidents of critical diseases such as cancer are rising rapidly. The government is responding with reforms, including the 'Healthy China' 2030 vision statement.

These reforms have also seen the suggestion of new definitions of critical illness insurance. This has attracted widespread attention within the insurance industry. Insurers are seeking to engage with the government, health care providers, academia and other stakeholders to ensure better protection for policy holders and greater resilience within society.

In an economy with low health insurance penetration, developing critical illness insurance is a key priority for insurers in the Chinese market. It prompts a number of questions, including: How are cancer trends in China developing? What is the impact of early screening policies? How effective are anti-cancer vaccines? How does diet affect cancers of the digestive tract? Can insurers provide cancer products with innovative lifestyle solutions? What is the latest data on product pricing and what are the lessons that can be learned from critical illness products in other markets?

Swiss Re Institute is organising a Critical Illness Insurance eForum series with insurance experts from Swiss Re, leading researchers and health industry professionals. Held exclusively in Chinese, the event will address topics of key relevance in the development of critical illness products and their contribution to societal resilience. As a highly trusted re/insurance partner, Swiss Re is seeking to work closely with customers and partners to close the health protection gap and promote the sustainable development of the critical illness insurance market in China.





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