SRJ Basic Policy on Anti Social Forces

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd Japan Branch (hereafter, SRJ) decides on “SRJ Basic Policy on the Anti-Social Forces” to keep the public trust as insurer and ensure the appropriateness and soundness of business operations based on the purport of the “Guidelines to protect corporations from damage by Anti-Social Forces” (Mutual agreement by organizers meeting for Cabinet Conference on Counter-measures for Crimes dated 19 Jun 2007).

1. Measures as Organization

SRJ shall take actions against the Anti-Social Forces by the initiative of the management as the organization not leaving it to person or section in charge. The management and administration in case of the unjust demand by the Anti-Social Force shall be taken by Compliance Officer.

2. Coordination with External Expert Functions

SRJ shall keep close relationship with external functions including the Police, the Promotion Center for Expulsion of Forces, lawyers etc so that SRJ can receive appropriate advice and support.

3. Cutting off the Relationship including business transactions

SRJ shall cut off any relationship with Anti-Social Forces including business relations. SRJ shall reject any unjust demand from Anti-Social Forces.

4. Legal actions from both Civil and Criminal in case of emergency

SRJ shall take actions aggressively from both Civil and Criminal against any unjust demand from Anti-Social Forces

5. Prohibition of deals behind the scenes and provision of funds

SRJ shall not make any deals with Anti-Social Forces behind the scenes or provide funds to hide the fact even in case the unjust demands are based on misconducts under the business operations