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Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Index: measuring the value of nature

The Swiss Re Institute Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) Index assesses which economic sectors are most reliant on nature and evaluates the exposure each country has to BES decline.
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Building a sustainable future

Time is running out.

Unless we put climate action and the health of our biodiversity at the heart of everything we do, there are potentially irreversible outcomes.  This is because economic prosperity is deeply connected to the state of the natural world: when it suffers, we suffer; when it thrives, we thrive.

Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change means taking action now to limit emissions and protect our fragile biodiversity.  This is a problem too big for any one group to tackle alone. We all have a role to play in building a sustainable future.

No action is not an option as climate change could shrink global GDP by up to 18% in the next 30 years.
Swiss Re Institute

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Our solutions

  • Nature-based solutions

    What if we could protect our natural assets and enhance the benefits that we derive from those assets?​

  • CatNet® Premium. For what's next, you need more.

    Swiss Re's proprietary geo risk tool: Your locations, our data, smart results.​

  • Protecting coral reefs

    Investing in nature can be one of the most effective adaptation measures in the fight against climate change.​


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