CatNet® Premium. For what's next, you need more.


With natural disasters increasing, and ever more people and assets at risk, the global losses for insurers are mounting. CatNet® Premium takes the guesswork out of risk management. It’s not enough to just look at historical data. We give near real-time insights into more exposure details, letting you manage and mitigate the NatCat risks of today and tomorrow.

CatNet® Premium What's different?

Grow your global portfolios.

CatNet® Premium lets you upload up to 10,000 single locations anywhere on Earth - rather than just 300. With access to more hazard data across more locations, you’ll see a clearer view of your global portfolios and be able to manage and mitigate risks that would be otherwise undetectable.

Richer insights. Deeper analytics. Faster responses.

Unlock unparalleled NatCat visibility, with access to high resolution datasets for pluvial floods and landslides, and near real-time event footprints for storms, earthquakes and floods. See beyond the surface, with visual data sets that show climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services, allowing for more informed, more targeted risk assessment.

Data that works harder.

Let your data do the heavy lifting by combining your own datasets with those owned by Swiss Re - resulting in richer, accumulative layers of visibility. Customise the platform to your needs and benefit from a more adaptive workflow with access to the right information when and where you need it.

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Get in touch with our team to discuss how CatNet® Premium will meet your needs. Your locations, our data, smart results.

MEASURABLE VALUE ACROSS YOUR BUSINESS Business benefits with CatNet® Premium

With richer, more accurate real-time and forecasting data come benefits across your business, letting you unlock new risk pools and better service clients.
  • Enabling growth

    Improved risk assessment for better bottom line results, so you can tap into new risk pools and grow your business.

  • Optimising portfolios

    Optimising risk assessment to support underwriting, claims analysis, risk management and more.

  • Improving efficiency

    Increased transparency over different markets and swift processes to reduce cost.


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