What does one do on a journey of 'curiosity discovery'?

Our world is ageing.

UN figures estimate that the number of people aged 60+ will double, globally between 2000 and 2050. Locally here in Australia, it is expected that by 2050, 7.2 million of our population will be 65+, an increase of 3 million from today.

Growth such as this requires social transformation, a paradigm shift to best address individual and society challenges.

The Swiss Re journey of discovery.

It's not just about longevity risk. A genuine curiosity around ageing Australia saw Swiss Re ANZ engage in an 18 month discovery project and strategy build involving qualitative and quantitative research, focus groups, literature review of numerous academic papers, collaboration with the Sydney University's MBA program, dialogue with government, tertiary education institutions, think tanks, and non-government organisations within the ageing ecosystem.

Complex challenges such as a demographic shifts, can only be addressed collaboratively between society, industry and government – with no singular organisation or institution possessing the silver bullet solution.

The future.

Swiss Re believes that a positive retirement outlook depends on control and certainty of outcomes. Together with government and our clients, Swiss Re can increase society's retirement resilience through delivering a diverse array of services and solutions - solutions that will deliver this certainty and control throughout the retirement journey.

Our research revealed four inter-related areas around which these solutions should be centred.

We’re looking to work with collaborative partners to bring these solutions to life - get in touch to find out more.

Published 2 May 2017