2016 Dialogue Series

With 60 years of local experience Swiss Re has been a part of industry discussions, indelibly helping to shape it with innovative solutions and products.

Our industry is experiencing exponential change leading to exciting opportunities, we recognise that the journey to transform presents a number of complex challenges.

We are at the forefront of issues that impact our industry and we recognise that a holistic well-formed view can only be achieved through collaboration and information sharing.  

We bring together industry experts and  peers to explore issues that affect insurers and reinsurers but we also invite opinions and experiences from parallel industries to expand our knowledge and cross pollinate learnt lessons.

As a truly global firm committed to innovation and progressive development, we're keen to share leading edge insights with you. But no relationship is one way so we'd love to hear from you. What do you think of our reports? How is your organisation best responding to these new emerging risks? How does the pace of technological developments impact your organisation? Let's dialogue #SwissRe_talks