The essential guide to reinsurance

The essential guide to reinsurance introduces the concepts of reinsurance and highlights the essential function it has in society.

The essential guide to reinsurance (PDF, 19.15MB), explains the fundamentals of what it means to be the "insurers' insurer" and introduces the basic forms and types of reinsurance. As well as identifying the benefits reinsurance generates for clients, it also explains the role reinsurance plays as a stabilising factor in the economy and society, enabling growth by absorbing losses and providing long-term capital through its investment activities. The essential guide to reinsurance also draws attention to the regulatory environment in which reinsurance companies operate and highlights the key characteristics of sound risk management.

A truly global industry from the outset, reinsurance has played a decisive role for more than a century in helping companies, and ultimately society, to better prepare for and manage risks. Reinsurers diversify their risks globally and share a wealth of risk expertise with their clients, thus making insurance affordable for more people.

In a world where catastrophes are becoming more regular and more costly, the role reinsurance plays in helping insurers and governments develop innovative financing solutions to address the consequences of such events is gaining significance.  The same is true for dealing with the financial consequences of an ageing population and the consequent pressure on pension funds. Reinsurers are at the forefront of efforts to identify emerging risks and have a long tradition of enabling new technologies.

Updated 08 July 2012

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Posted by Patricia Williams on 18 Jul 2017

oopss - disregard that message. I was looking to download a publication not send a comment. thank you

Posted by Patricia Williams on 18 Jul 2017

I am new to the reinsurance world as a contractor and looking to enhance knowledge.

Posted by mathewos mogiso on 05 Jan 2017

about long term agreement such as bond business claim procedure

Posted by rajiv saraf on 17 Sep 2016

you are doing an awesome job by educating people about reinsurance

Posted by Praveen Samudrala on 12 Sep 2016

Thanks for sharing document

Posted by test on 14 Jul 2016


Posted by oth on 11 Jun 2016


Posted by James Weber on 29 Dec 2015

Hello, Would it be possible to request a printed copy of your publication: "The essential guide to reinsurance" ? I am based in Munich, Germany. Please let me know if it is possible and I will provide you with my address details. Thank you, James Weber

Posted by Muhammed Qudus on 13 Sep 2015

Do you guys provide a training session or courses for Re Insurance or Re Tkaful ?

Posted by Pat Pinchera on 14 Jul 2015

education on Bermuda economy

Posted by TINOTENDA on 26 Feb 2015

thanks for your support. keep on updating us on whatever changes in the reinsurance industry

Posted by A. Noah Kai on 25 Dec 2014

I would like to benefit from the immense experience of Swiss Re.

Posted by Radwan khalifa on 09 Dec 2014

Thank you for the file I want to to have strong education in reinsurane I hope you sugeste list of books tfor that purpos Thank you

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