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Sigma: insurance research

05/2016 Strategic reinsurance and insurance: the increasing trend of customised solutions

Reinsurance and insurance markets are changing rapidly. Insurers around the world have become increasingly sophisticated in managing their capital and risks. Consolidation, evolving solvency regulation and the spread of enterprise risk management are driving a trend of centralized re/insurance buying by insurance companies and large corporations, tailored to enable growth and steer group-wide risk appetite across all types of risks.

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Expertise publications

Telematics: connecting the dots

UBI demand is set to increase, driven by the innovative concept that the drivers pay for the amount of risk they take. This translates into continuous feedback, which in turn results in better driving behaviour. Telematics offers direct and real-time access to data about the insured object. This enables insurers to base their risk assessment and pricing on the real risk policyholders are taking rather than on approximate tariff criteria about the driver, the car and how it is used. Furthermore, based on telematics data, additional services, such as stolen car recovery or efficient claims handling can be provided.

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Fact sheets

Staying afloat Flood Risk in Argentina (short version)

Over the past 50 years, 75 major flood events have been reported in Argentina, affecting around 13 million people and taking more than 500 lives. With the equivalent of USD 22.5bn lost since 1980, floods are the most costly natural catastrophe affecting the country. Adjusting for the country‘s GDP growth, the same events today would have caused accumulated losses of USD 43.5bn.

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Corporate reports

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report: Enabling sustainable progress

It is a pleasure to introduce Swiss Re’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. With this yearly publication we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the measures we take to act as a responsible company.

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Partner publications

Pandemics in a changing climate - Evolving risk and the global response

Pandemic outbreaks can be economically devastating for the affected countries, overwhelming public finances and reversing hard-won development gains. The immediate economic disruption resulting from loss of life and suspended productivity can translate into lasting impediments to growth. In the current system, response mechanisms are much too slow, particularly in delivering financing to responsible counterparties. In addition, the effects of climate change will increase the inherent risk of pandemic outbreaks by changing environments and disease transmission vectors, heightening uncertainty as to the location, type and severity of the next outbreak.

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