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Sigma: insurance research

sigma 1/2017 - Cibernética: cómo enfrentarse a un riesgo complejo

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly due to the growing digital transformation of society, the widespread use of internet-enabled devices and processes, and the changing profile of hackers. Recent high-profile cyber attacks demonstrate that the extent of associated possible losses is also broadening, increasingly comprising both physical and financial damage relating to data privacy breaches and to companies’ tangible and intangible assets, and also business interruption costs. As a result, the issue of cyber protection is rising up the corporate agenda, at both large and small companies.

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Expertise publications

ILS market update February 2017

With a respectable USD 5.9bn, ILS issuance in 2016 was able to maintain overall market size around the record level set in 2014. Notably, the second half of the year was surprisingly active for new issuance of ILS and 4Q surged to USD 2.12bn, the third largest 4Q on record and the largest quarter of 2016.

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Fact sheets

CatNet® Web Map Services

This fact sheet explains how to implement CatNet® data in your own tool.

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Corporate reports

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report: Enabling sustainable progress

It is a pleasure to introduce Swiss Re’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. With this yearly publication we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the measures we take to act as a responsible company.

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Partner publications

Personal, Safe and Secure Automated Driving

At CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft, NXP Semiconductors, IAV, Cubic Telecom, Esri and Swiss Re showcased their collective vision of safe and secure end-to-end mobility through a highly automated driving demonstration and experience.

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