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Sigma: insurance research

04/2016 Mutual insurance in the 21st century: back to the future?

At their core, all mutuals operate for the benefit of their members rather than outside shareholders. Following retrenchment towards the end of the 20th century, mutual insurers are experiencing a modest revival. Over the past few years, cumulative premiums written by mutual insurers have outpaced that of the wider insurance market, with much of the outperformance concentrated during the height of the financial crisis. As a result, mutuals’ share of the world insurance market increased from around 24% in 2007 to just over 26% in 2014. This, however, is still much lower than in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before a wave of demutualisations in a number of developed countries.

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Expertise publications

The road to flood resilience in Canada

Flood poses a risk to individuals, business and the public sector. Severe events in Canada can cause losses exceeding CAD 13 billion, with less than half of these covered by insurance. This leaves many families without the necessary funds to rebuild their lives if disaster strikes. In addition it delays economic recovery in the affected areas ― an effect that hits even those whose homes are still standing. Concerted action across the risk management chain that involves all key stakeholders ― government, the insurance industry and homeowners ― can strengthen flood resilience in Canada.

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Fact sheets

Manage your Latin America liability risk exposures with our proprietary forward-looking approach

Our unique forward-looking modelling approach enables you to consistently evaluate current and future liability exposures in your insurance portfolio. It gives you unprecedented insights into the business you’re writing, allows you to react faster to external changes and helps you enter new markets and business segments.

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Corporate reports

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report: Enabling sustainable progress

It is a pleasure to introduce Swiss Re’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. With this yearly publication we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the measures we take to act as a responsible company.

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Partner publications

Pandemics in a changing climate - Evolving risk and the global response

Pandemic outbreaks can be economically devastating for the affected countries, overwhelming public finances and reversing hard-won development gains. The immediate economic disruption resulting from loss of life and suspended productivity can translate into lasting impediments to growth. In the current system, response mechanisms are much too slow, particularly in delivering financing to responsible counterparties. In addition, the effects of climate change will increase the inherent risk of pandemic outbreaks by changing environments and disease transmission vectors, heightening uncertainty as to the location, type and severity of the next outbreak.

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