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Sigma: insurance research

sigma 1/2017 - Cibernética: cómo enfrentarse a un riesgo complejo

Las amenazas cibernéticas evolucionan rápidamente debido a la creciente transformación digital de la sociedad, al uso generalizado de procesos y dispositivos con conexión a Internet y al perfil cambiante de los hackers.

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Expertise publications

Who pays for ageing?

A global analysis of the ageing wallet: what it costs to support our ageing population, how funding sources are changing and why opportunity exists for insurers.

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Fact sheets

Protection against lack of water

Insufficient water levels can put hydropower plant operators under immense pressure. To protect them against loss of income resulting from this threat, Swiss Re has developed a dedicated index-triggered insurance product.

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Corporate reports

2016 Corporate Responsibility Report: Enabling sustainable progress

It is a pleasure to introduce Swiss Re’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report. With this yearly publication we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the measures we take to act as a responsible company.

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Partner publications

Lights out: The risks of climate and natural disaster related disruption to the electric grid

This report was authored by students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) as part of a practicum project in the Energy, Resources and environment Program. The practicum requires student teams to partner with key organizations to address critical international policy challenges. Natural disasters pose grave threats to electric grids and their ability to deliver reliable electricity to communities.

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