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Sigma: insurance research

sigma No 3/2018: 2017 年世界保险业:总体稳健,但成熟 寿险市场拖累增长

在本期sigma 中,瑞再研究院概述了全球原保险行业中寿险和非寿险业的保费发展(直接保费收入)。我们也分析了盈利情况,并结合行业趋势及全球宏观环境和金融市场 的状况,展望了行业发展前景。

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Expertise publications

Responsible investments – The next steps in our journey

Investing responsibly makes economic sense. However, as long as ESG criteria are not yet an integral part of all financial analyses, investors need to make an effort and actively integrate ESG considerations in their investment decisions. We are encouraged by the experience we have gained with integrating ESG and will further progress on our journey.

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Fact sheets

Sovereign insurance - Creating financial resilience against the growing burden of disasters

Climate change, natural disasters and cyber attacks are amongst the most urgent risks on people’s minds, according to the latest Global Risk Report published by the World Economic Forum. The last decades have given us regular reminders of the devastation wrought by such risks, and the pressure they exert on local, regional and national governments.

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Corporate reports

2016 Business Report

Good 2016 results were supported by a continued solid underwriting performance. Our Group delivered a good net income of USD 3.6 billion, supported by all Business Units. This year's report highlights some of the concrete ways we're helping to make a more resilient future.

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Partner publications

Building resilience to the economic threat of invasive species

This report, written by students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), investigates the impact of invasive species on private industries, public utilities, and local governments. The focus is on the challenges and efforts to prevent, detect, control, and eradicate invasive species in the United States and Canada.

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