2019 Sustainability Report

Our 2019 Sustainability Report introduces our enhanced Group Sustainability Strategy and describes the actions we have taken to accelerate sustainable progress.

Through our Group Sustainability Strategy we focus on a total of nine Sustainability Topics, which include our three 2030 Sustainability Ambitions:

  • Mitigating climate risk and advancing the energy transition
  • Building societal resilience
  • Driving affordable insurance with digital solutions

These ambitions denote three areas where we believe we can have a significant positive impact on supporting sustainability and strengthening resilience. In the report you can find detailed information on them. Furthermore, the publication provides an overview of all nine topics we address through our Group Sustainability Strategy, their main links to the Sustainable Development Goals, the internal targets we have set for them and what we achieved during the reporting year.

Decarbonising our business model

Key achievements described in the report include our three interlinked commitments to reach net-zero emissions across our company – on the liability side, the asset side and in our own operations. As part of our efforts to gradually decarbonise our business model, we made active use of our Sustainable Business Risk Framework, continuing with the implementation of its thermal coal policy and sharpening its oil and gas policy.

Effective protection for our clients

Living up to our vision to make the world more resilient, we again worked closely with our clients to develop solutions offering them effective re/insurance protection against the risks they face. The 2019 Sustainability Report presents a number of transactions that address risks in the areas on which we focus through our Group Sustainability Strategy. They span developed as well as emerging countries, private- as well as public-sector clients.

Explore the full report to learn more.

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