Creating solutions for sustainability

Our re/insurance solutions help address key environmental and social challenges. We focus on our three 2030 Sustainability Ambitions: mitigating climate risk and advancing the energy transition; building societal resilience; and driving affordable insurance with digital solutions.

Our track record

In our Sustainability Report 2020 we present details of a range of solutions supporting our 2030 Sustainability Ambitions. Such sustainability-related products generated premiums of approximately USD 451 million in 2020 (USD 405 million in 2019), equivalent to approximately 1.8% (2019: 1.8%) of combined property & casualty premiums in our Reinsurance and Corporate Solutions Business Units. As we strengthened our criteria to define sustainability-related products in 2020, the figure for 2019 has been restated.

By clicking on the teasers below you can see an extended overview of solutions for each of our 2030 Sustainability Ambitions.

Mitigating climate risk and advancing the energy transition

Building societal resilience

Driving affordable insurance with digital solutions