From emerging risk to core business: infrastructure

"Critical infrastructure" is one of the emerging risks that have become relevant for our core business since we first highlighted them.

We first drew attention to "critical infrastructure" as an emerging risk by including a case study in our 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our original assessment

This is an excerpt from the original case study (the full text is available below under "Download"):

"The term critical infrastructure is used to denote various types of infrastructure whose damage or disruption would seriously undermine public health and safety, the environment and social well-being. In many parts of the world, critical infrastructure is aging, mainly due to insufficient maintenance, underinvestment in renewal and complex ownership structures. … Insurance could be a powerful tool in stimulating sufficient risk transfer solutions and investment in critical infrastructure."

"Critical infrastructure" has since become an important topic for our asset management, risk dialogue and underwriting. As long-term investors, re/insurers can make a tangible contribution to bridging the emerging infrastructure financing gap. For this, the right pre-conditions need to be set, though.

Recent activities and initiatives:

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