Emerging risks: case studies

Since 2007, we have been highlighting selected emerging risks by publishing case studies in our Sustainability and (formerly) Corporate Responsibility Reports.

Through our SONAR process, we screen, cluster and further assess emerging risks and then carry out in-depth investigations of selected topics. Drawing on these investigations, we have published a case study in each of our Sustainability and (formerly) Corporate Responsibility Reports from 2007 onwards.

Case studies since 2007

2007     Electromagnetic fields

2008     Critical infrastructure

2009     Carbon nanotubes

2010     Smart grids

2011     Cyber attacks

2012     3D printing

2013     New forms of mobility

2014     Electronic cigarettes

2015     The Internet of Things (IoT)

2016     Human-induced earthquakes

2017     Antimicrobial resistance

2018     Algorithmic decision-making

2019     Life and health implications of climate change

2020     Mental health

From emerging risk to core business

Several of the emerging risks published in our former Corporate Responsibility Reports have subsequently gained in significance for Swiss Re's business. As we understand and define emerging risks, it should be noted that they may also create new business opportunities as they mature. Two emerging risks that have become highly relevant for our business since we first identified them are "Critical infrastructure"  and "Cyber attacks" .

Find our more about our SONAR process  and our strategic initiatives.

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