Retrospective Solutions

Swiss Re’s Retrospective Solutions team provides effective, customisable solutions for the risks associated with your unresolved non-life liabilities. Retrospective Solutions identifies opportunities where reinsurance, portfolio transfer or acquisition may be used to provide balance sheet relief, capital optimisation and operational efficiencies.

The risks

In any liability-driven insurance enterprise, reserves can accumulate. New risks are taken on faster than the obligations from the past may be resolved. The resulting reserve leverage can weigh disproportionately and unnecessarily on your financial results. This is particularly true for longer tail lines of business or where greater retentions are used. As reserves grow, the burden on your capital will only continue to increase.

Moreover, the future course of the financial world in which we live has rarely been so uncertain. It is virtually impossible to predict the quantum and character of capital requirements or the availability and cost of credit. In this environment, the challenge to achieve buoyant capital adequacy while meeting return expectations is tremendous.

The protection

Swiss Re's Retrospective solutions can protect your company from the risk of adverse reserve development, empowering your capital base to deliver results on your core business.

A retrospective solution is not limited to the reinsurance industry. Swiss Re's Retrospective Solutions team seeks a partnership with any entity holding non-life liability. Whether you are an insurance company, a risk retention group, a corporation with self-insured risk, a public entity or a NGO. Swiss Re has a history of successful engagements with a variety of counterparties.


Swiss Re' Retrospective Solutions focuses on property and casualty portfolios.